Intervention groups

Intervention Groups and Support
ELSA board

ELSA in "the Snug"

Mrs Edmonds is our "ELSA" this means our emotional literacy support assistant. She lives in the "Snug" A wonderous room we have dedicated to the children that need some emotional support. This may be at a difficult period in their lives or to support with emotional regulation or as part of a child's support in school.

Referrals into the Snug are made through Mrs Fyfe our SENCO.

teacher supporting reading

Literacy Intervention (LALSIT)

Mrs Tracey and Mrs Gallienne are our Literacy Intervention teachers. They teach children who have a particular need for extra support with developing their reading skills. They may practise the alphabet, sound knowledge and reading. This may be individually or in a small group. If your child is receiving this support you will receive regular updates from the team.

Children are identified for this support by class teachers based on their ongoing assessments.

hands being massaged

Hand Massage

As part of our pastoral support for children, many of the the Learning Support Assistants are trained in hand massage. This is special time with an adult where the children are helped to relax. Parental consent is sought for this activity.

Number stacks

Number Stacks

Number stacks is an intervention we use for the children who sometimes find number tricky in maths. 

Number Stacks uses a combination of video tutorials and stackable place-value counters to teach the Key concepts on Number & Calculation. The videos are designed to be watched by a child and a Learning Support assistant together, before they pause the video and repeat the activity that has been demonstrated when told to do so. Number Stacks covers 69 Key Skills that are separated into 5 different categories: Number & Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages.