Wider Curriculum

We believe that alongside the taught curriculum we need to ensure that the children have access to a wide range of experiences in order for them to develop into well rounded citizens , inspired to find something they will enjoy for life and prepare them for the wider world. 

Our guarantee aims to ensure that these opportunities are offered to all of our children throughout their time at Hautes Capelles to which the children also agree are important.

These are;

  • Have the opportunity to attend a residential 
  • Experience a professional performance 
  • Participate in a performance 
  • Play an instrument 
  • Create a large piece of artwork
  • Have regular opportunities to learn outside of the classroom
  • Have regular opportunities to work with different children in different year groups 
  • Have the opportunity for a leadership role 
  • Have the opportunity to plan and present their learning 
  • Have the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular club 
  • Understand the wider world around them 
  • Know their Island history and culture 
  • Participate in a joint learning activity with my parents 
  • Be able to swim 25m and be safe in the water 
  • Participate in a range of sports 


Wider Learning

Wider Learning

We firmly believe there is a place within our curriculum and provision for wider learning. These wider learning opportunities give the children the opportunity to practise and use the elements of learning from the Bailiwick Curriulum for example resilience, growth mindset and independence.

images of childrens writing

Global Goals Week

As we returned to a new year in January 2023, we focused time in our curriculum to revisit the Global Goals with the children. We also used the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Rights of the Child. The images are from an amazing display currently in the Infant building of KS1 children's thoughts.

The children have demonstrated a good understanding of the themes and the Rights Leader team are currently looking at our impact on the environment as part of the Global Goals.