Please find below links to our school policies
Hautes Capelles Policies

Hautes Capelles Behaviour Policy

Details of the behaviour standards we expect in school and how we manage allegations of bullying.

Hautes Capelles Safeguarding and Child Protection

Our school policy on Safeguarding and child protection.

Additional support can be found on www.iscp.gg 

Hautes Capelles Adult Behaviour in School Policy

Policy regarding adult behaviour and the schools response to unacceptable adult behaviour.

Hautes Capelles Online Safety Policy

Including details of acceptable use policy and agreements.

Hautes Capelles Transition Policy

This policy details how children transition into our school, how we transition them between year groups and onwards to secondary school.

Healthy Schools -

Haute Capelles is working towards the Guernsey Healthy Schools award

States of Guernsey Policies

Attendance Policy

States of Guernsey Attendance Policy

School Admissions

Policy on school admissions


SOG policy on Inclusion


What happens if your child is excluded.

SOG Compliments and Complaints Policy

States of Guernsey Complaints policy and procedure to be followed if following the school procedure hasn't resolved your concern.


States of Guernsey Bullying