Our Staff

Our Current Staff
Mrs Sue Coughlin Head Teacher

The School Team

Welcome to our school team.

All of the staff within our community are committed to providing the best they can for our children. At any time you need to contact us about your child, feel free to start the conversation with your class teacher. This contact can be through class dojo message, telephone call, email or making an appointment through the school office.

We have Phase Leaders who are Senior managers in school who manage and lead 2 year groups each who are also available if you feel you need extra support.

If you have concerns about your child's progress, additional needs or anxieties about school you can also contact Mrs Fyfe our Special Needs Coordinator.

Meet the Team

Hautes Capelles Senior Leadership


Mrs Sue Coughlin Head Teacher
Mrs J Ballentine Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs K Fyfe Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Lead


Hautes Capelles Senior Management


Mrs S Newstead KS1 Phase Leader
Mrs J Hind Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Ms J Naftel Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs K Le Prevost Maths Lead
Mrs E Le Flocq Curriculum Lead
























Teachers 2022-2023



Mrs D Collis

Mrs N Waterworth

Year 1

Mrs N McClean

Mrs S Conlan


Year 2

Mrs S Newstead

Mrs S Oliphant/Mrs L Britton

Miss N Bourne


Year 3

Mrs K Hughes

Mr S Eulenkamp

Mrs J Hind


Year 4

Mrs E Le Flocq

Mr A Bougourd

Mrs S Exall/Mrs H Lilli


Year 5

Mrs K Le Prevost

Miss S Driscoll

Mrs J Naftel


Year 6

Miss K Henry

Miss E Robert

Mr J Cartwright


Literacy Intervention team

Mrs L Gallienne

Mrs A Tracey


Part time teachers

Mrs L Le Page

Mrs D Smart

Mrs K Wallbridge

LSA team


Key Stage 1

Mrs Z Blake

Miss J Bougourd

Miss P Le Ber

Mr J Taylor

Mrs S Edmonds

Mrs M Sturt

Mrs M Dowding

Mrs A Corson

Mrs L Martel 

Mrs S Clayton



Key Stage 2

Mrs D Wright

Mr M Philp

Mrs J Harvey

Miss J Smith



Mrs C Rafferty

Mrs K Baudains

Mrs P Parsons


Site Supervision

Mr T Martel

Mr A Jeffreys