Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

All parents at Hautes Capelles Primary School are automatically members of the PTA. 

The committee is voted in each year for a 4 year period and they then organise and run events for the benefit of the families and to raise funds for the school.

Recent events have included :

  • Summer Fun Day
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Family Bingo nights
  • Discos
  • Prosecco and Shopping evenings

From the funds raised they have provided :

  • Trim Trail on the field
  • Traversing walls on the playground
  • Library books
  • Reading stock
  • Chromebooks

The PTA chair is Jayne Limond a Year 3 parent and she can be contacted through the school office. Alternatively the PTA run a Facebook page called Hautes Capelles PTA  and contact can be made via the page.



PTA Constitution

In 2022, the PTA adopted a new constitution. This enables the PTA to become a charity and meet financial regulations.